Bespoke House Extensions Islington

Running out of living space? Do you need a bigger house for your entire family to reside in? Do not worry. You do not need to move to a bigger house for more space. You can extend the living space of your home by doing a home extension. House extensions are a great way of adding way value and luxury to your home. If you have any plans for selling your home at later point, House extensions allow you to get a handsome return of this investment.

House extensions Islington from BCS Building Contractor Ltd are a complete package offering assistance from the initial design and concept to the final result and construction. Whether you are planning to start a business venture, or you are running out space as your extended family does not comfortably fit in, BCS house extensions are the perfect solution. The team at BCS Building Contractors Ltd is quite experienced and confident of handling all types of extensions, from small to large home extensions.

The team at BCS Building Contractor Ltd pays attention to every detail provided by the client to ensure that the extension model is exactly according to their needs. The house extensions model proposed by BCS team can be tailored anytime if you want to add or subtract anything from it. This model ensures that the entire building project is efficient and simple and that your extensions have an aesthetically appealing look as soon as we are done with our job.

Our team of professionals and experts takes care of the entire extension project and is always available to help you out with your queries. Being professionals we make sure that the house extension projects run on time and do not exceed the budget of the project is big or small for us, we aim to create something that is entirely according to your vision, regardless of its size and even budget. Low budget house extensions can also be made unique and aesthetically appealing just like high budget house extensions. You just think big and we will convert your vision into reality! Request a free no-obligation quote now and let us do the rest for you! Check out more on

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